Instructor LI JIAO



  • Chinese Language Teachers Association of California (CLTAC)
  • CLTA-SIG: Chinese Grammar Instruction and Research
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)


  • 李娇.简论现代汉语普通话中的名词重叠现象[D].天津:天津外国语大学学士学位论文,2005.
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  • 2024 Presenter, 冷眼旁观看中国—从课堂实践探索入手谈美国高校高级中文课的挣扎Observing China with a Detached Perspective-Explore the Struggles of Advanced Chinese Class at an American University through Classroom Practices, Fachverband Chinesisch e.V. (Association of Chinese language teachers in German-speaking Countries), Heidelberg University, Germany
  • 2021 Presenter, Building an Enjoyable and Engaging Online Mandarin Chinese Classroom, Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology-Bouncing Back: Flexible Teaching in a Year of Recovery, UC Davis
  • 2018 Presenter, Effective teaching strategies of building a productive Mandarin Chinese classroom, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference (SoTL), UC Davis
  • 2017 Presenter, Strategies of Eliminating Beginning Learners’ Anxiety of The Complicacy of “把bǎ” Structure, CLTAC 2017 Spring Conference, Stanford University
  • 2016 Presenter, “智趣化操练”中级水平中文课实例演示How to Best Implement Meaningful Drilling in Intermediate Level Classes, CLTAC 2016 Spring Conference, Stanford University
  • 2015 Presenter, A Language Variation Study on Native English Speaker’s Acquisition of Mandarin Second Tone, The First International Forum on Linguistics in Chinese Education (IFOLICE), UC Davis
  • 2013 Presenter, A Brief Study of the Noun Reduplication in Mandarin, The Sixth Postgraduate Research Forum for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University
  • 2013 Presenter, Corpus-based Study of Comparison between the Measure Word “Zhang”(张) and “Mian”(面), the Fifth World Chinese Teaching Graduate Forum, Huaqiao University, China
  • 2012 Presenter, A Comparative Analysis of Teaching Philosophy and Methods Adopted by Princeton in Beijing and International School of Beijing, the Fifth Postgraduate Research Forum for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University
  • 2013 Author, The Character “中Zhōng” in Henan Dialect and the Central Plain Culture,《世界华文教育》, 2nd volume
  • 2013 Author, An Exploring Study on the “NP有生+就+是+个+NP” Structure,《时代报告》
  • 2012 Author, 以听说法为例浅谈对外汉语教学法的应用—基于课堂观摩记录的研究 Application of the Audio-Lingual Method in Chinese Teaching Class Based on Class Observation, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)